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9 Products That Make you Pretty Overnight





No matter how youthful your face looks, your neck could still look older. The skin on your neck is as delicate as on your face, but with fewer sebaceous glands (so, less natural oils to protect skin) and fewer melanocytes (melanin-producing cells that color skin and protect it from the sun) — and it’s also the area we often neglect. Sarah Lee of Glow Recipe says, “Doing a neck mask is inconvenient during the day because everything is just going to drip down. Doing a neck mask at night means treatments stay right where they should to replenish the area as you sleep.”

To avoid a Real Housewives neck situation later in life, start with a rich, nourishing lipid-based treatment like Whamisa’s Facial Oil, which is a fellowship of oils to fawn over. Argan, olive, hazelnut, jojoba, and camellia join forces to iron out wrinkle rings around the neck, giving your face a prettier pedestal to sit on. Lee recommends massaging the neck in an upward motion while you apply the mask, for fast absorption of the formula as well as a little anti-sagging exercise.

Lock in the treatment with a targeted product like Innisfree’s Soybean Firming Neck Cream, which has a fermented formula versatile enough to use night or day.

Whamisa Organic Flowers Facial Oil, $40, available at Glow Recipe.



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